Rapidcartpro 4.11.1 and Rapidweaver8 stripe fatal error

Hi I am getting a fatal error php message after using checkout with Stripe with updated API along with Rapidweaver 8 and rapidcartpro 4.11.1. I am receiving payments from customers via stripe but the message customers are getting is saying a Fatal error etc. It is very confusing for customers as they are not seeing a success transaction message. I am receiving multiple payments from same customers for same transaction as they are confused and seeing a fatal error message.Paypal is working fine. Any help or comments would be appreciated.

This is the start of the fatal error message
Fatal error : Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[22001]:

The error your reported is related to database.
First of all, please make sure your web server meets RapidCart Pro requirements.

Contact us at help@4gnd.com with further details if the problem persists.

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Had the same problem here. The fault in my case was I had no rights to write to the database server. Posted an help-ticket to my hosting-provider and asked him to look and change my SQL-server rights to admin (read/write permission)
After that everything worked fine.


Issue resolved too many characters in payment description for Stripe 64 max I had more. Thank you for support Roberto @4gnd.


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