Rapidweaver 5.4.1 won't save my projects


Since I upgraded my macbook to OS Lion, Rapidweaver 5.4.1 doesn’t let me save my projects. I have noticed it has something to do with the resources.

On my other computer iMac (Yosemite) Rapidweaver 5.4.1 works well with the same project and saves it with the resources. Do you think it could be a problem regarding the different operating systems of my computers?
any other suggestions or solutions to this problem?

Thank you


Which error messages do you get - if any?

Where are you saving your projects to… which folder?

When you say,

I have noticed it has something to do with the resources.

what do you mean exactly; what prompts you to say this?

Please let us have more details and we’ll try to help you as best we can :slight_smile: .

If you’re experiencing issues on OS X Lion, as the changes in 5.4.x are solely for RapidWeaver 6 document compatibility you may want to switch back to RapidWeaver 5.3.2: http://downloads.realmacmedia.com/rapidweaver/rapidweaver_532.zip


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I don’t get any error messages. If I want to “save” or “save as”, Rapidweaver will go through the normal steps: It’ll open the save window so I can save my document as it is or by changing the name, choose a folder to save it to (either my project folder in document/project/name of my project or on the desktop) and when I press save, the window closes but my Save or my Save As action hasn’t come through and my saved project is no where to be found-hence hasn’t been created. When I close my project and reopen it, it hasn’t saved any of the latest modifications…

The project will save if I take away my resources folder containing 4 files (PNG, MP4, OGV, WEBM) that I use for my Eclipse Video Stack (from Joe Workman).

Again the same version of Rapidweaver 5.4.1 with the Eclipse Stack works perfectly on my iMac running on Yosemite. The problem is on my laptop that runs Lion.

I’m going to try NikF download right now and will let you know if it works

Thank you kindly for your time and expertise :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Conclusion: Rapidweaver 5.4.1 works perfectly with Yosemite in regards to saving a project containing Resource folders and files.

As for OS Lion 10.7+, Rapidweaver 5.4.1 will not save the projects if you have resources…
Solution: run Rapidweaver 5.3.2 on OS Lion and all your problems will desappear…

Thank you very much NikF and Mark for your help!


I’m experiencing the same thing.

OSX 10.7.5
RW 5.4.1

If I have a project with a resource in it - a banner image for Elxir’s Ruby theme - the project will not save any of my changes. Every time I try and quit it tells me I have unsaved edits. I save them, try to quit again and I get the same message. If I simply quit my edits are lost.

If I remove the image from Resources, I can save the project.

However, RW will not re-open the project from the Open Recent menu.

Instead I have to quit RW and then re launch it and then use File Open.

I’m fortunate in that I was able to workaround the Resources issue this time but may have other projects where this isn’t possible.

Happy to supply any other info if it’s helpful.


This is a known issue with the OS X sandbox on 10.7.5. If you’re planning to keep using 10.7 you’ll need to revert to 5.3.2:


Hmm. But in order to move an existing project to 6.3 I have to be able to open it in 5.4.1 and then save it, correct?

So I’ll need to remove anything that’s in Resources and add it back in manually after I’ve made the move?

Or is there a more elegant way?


The easiest way would be to use a more recent version of OS X (we recommend Mavericks specifically for this reason). If you’re using a different machine to generate links to resources they are unlikely to be valid on both machines, no?

Interesting. Fundamental misunderstanding on my part then. I thought if you dragged an image - say - to the Resources section in the left hand column that became part of the sandwich and so it didn’t matter where the original was stored. Obviously not. :sunglasses:

Currently all resources are referenced. Document portability is something we’re interested in though.