RapidWeaver 6.3.5 GM

Hi Guys

RapidWeaver 6.3.5 is nearly ready for launch - those of you that listen to The RapidWeaver Show will know that we were aiming to get the update out today, but with some of the changes being a little more in-depth we wanted to run a slightly longer beta.

Here’s the details:

RapidWeaver 6.3.5 GM (Build 15114)

  • Fixes a crash while RapidWeaver tidied up after performing a series of concurrent uploads.
  • Fixes some display issues in the Affero theme.
  • Fixes a problem where a blog’s RSS feed would not be sorted reverse-chronologically.
  • Fixes a problem where site-wide code would be exported for each page.
  • Improvements to notification preferences.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver would be unable to generate QuickLook thumbnails for some themes.
  • Fixes a problem where images would not load from a remote server.
  • Fixes a problem with Addon update checking in RapidWeaver and third-party plugins.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver could crash if unable to access a temporary folder location on your Mac.
  • Fixes a problem where the Publish button would not be re-enabled after changing any site-wide code.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver would export unexpected menu items in themes with split navigation.
  • Fixes a problem where the search field in the Add Page menu would not automatically focus.
  • Adds diagnostics to help identify problem where some stacks could not be installed directly with RapidWeaver.

If you want to try this pre-release build, which may have undiscovered bugs - and you’re happy with those risks - download it here!



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