Rapidweaver 6.3.8 suddenly won't open (SOLVED!)


I’ve been a Rapidweaver user since it’s infancy (anyone remembers Button Builder V1?), and NEVER had a problem
Imagine my surprise when I tried to launch the app from dock and I get this message:

I’ve tried:
Launching from App
Opening different projects
Re-starting Macbook Air 11" (mid 2012) 1.7 Ghz intel core i5 running OS X “El Capitan” 10.11.3
The last thing I did before this problem happen was forgetting to quit Rapidweaver before logging out and (for some reason) it took a bit longer than usual to quit but I didn’t have to force quit

Any suggestions out there?
Thank you so much in advance!!!

Duh! :innocent:

I’ve solved the problem by downloading and re-installing from here:

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Thanks – I just had the same problem after a force quit.

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Glad you found this useful!