RapidWeaver 7.1 is launching this week! **UPDATED 7th SEPT**

Here’s the deets:

Let us know ASAP if you find any “Show Stopping” bugs!

As always thanks for your support during the beta, it’s appreciated – Happy Weaving!


So that is the GM ? Cheers!

Yeah… all being well this will be the GM build!


Boom! Let’s do this.

Hi Dan,

I’ve noticed something odd when using the custom banner feature.

When in export mode the path looks like this:
background: url('../images/banners/default_banner.jpg') center center no-repeat;

But when published the path looks like this:
background: url('../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../rw_common/themes/clubhouse/images/banners/default_banner.jpg') center center no-repeat;

I’ve not noticed this before today. I’m guessing this is a bug.

If it helps, I have turned “Consolidate CSS” off.

@Gary Can we get the project file? send it to dan@realmacsoftware.com


@dan -

After some digging around here is what I found:

If I use the following in the Info Plist
<key>RWBannerOptions</key> <dict> <key>RWThemeBannerFallbackImage</key> <string>../images/banners/default_banner.jpg</string> <key>RWThemeBannerImageRecommendedHeight</key> <integer>500</integer> <key>RWThemeBannerImageRecommendedWidth</key> <integer>1000</integer> </dict>

Then it produces a path of : background: url('../../../../rw_common/themes/clubhouse/images/banners/default_banner.jpg') center center no-repeat;

Which works … I had been using this:

<key>RWBannerOptions</key> <dict> <key>RWThemeBannerFallbackImage</key> <string>images/banners/default_banner.jpg</string> <key>RWThemeBannerImageRecommendedHeight</key> <integer>500</integer> <key>RWThemeBannerImageRecommendedWidth</key> <integer>1000</integer> </dict>
Which did not work … so, it is entirely possible that I was just doing it wrong.

Notice the string images/banners/default_banner.jpg vs. …/images/banners/default_banner.jpg

The paths for exporting a single page vs. exporting a whole site are different. Single page export RapidWeaver flattens the directory structure significantly.

So the two paths that you’ve listed (without any other information) are impossible (although they are definitely improbable).

In other words: you should submit a complete bug report…

  1. How to recreate this bug, step by step, include the project/theme/etc. – simplify it to built-in components if at all possible.
  2. What you expect the paths to be.
  3. What you actually see.

With that info they should be able to understand exactly the problem you see and fix it straight away.


@isaih - Yes, I get all that, and I do know how to file bug reports etc … but I am not sure if this is a bug or not. I am trying to eliminate anything I am doing wrong before I file a bug.

The paths are different in RW7 than in all previous versions of RW so, to be frank, I am not sure what the paths are supposed to be. I’ve never seen a path get produced where there are 15 ../'s produced.

By adding a ../ to the Info plist RWThemeBannerFallbackImage it eliminates 11 of those ../'s and seems to work. However, I just did a single page publish and your statement about that makes me want to go and delete all files from the server and re-publish everything again with the adjusted info.plist.

Why would publishing a single page produce a different path than publishing the whole site?

@dan - I sent you an email with a download link that includes a 1 page project file and the theme I am using.
In the event that you do not get that email here is a link to download the zip file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nts11l0mwqpzhe/rms-project.zip?dl=0

The project file includes steps to reproduce, although the project file should be all you need.

I’ve never seen a path get produced where there are 15 …/'s produced

yeah, it looks wrong to me too. and I’d definitely guess bug.

on the other hand, if you had put a crazy path into the “Folder” field of the page inspector and forced it to be buried 15 folders deep – then that’s exactly what I’d expect to see.

i just know that whenever a release is announced i see an outpouring of new bug reports. a lot of which turn out to be nothing – but a few that are real show stoppers.

i was just trying to help the RMS guys triage a bit. came out a bit too brusk. sorry.

This has been around for a while and let RM know on several occasions. Here is link to a video I posted a few weeks ago. bit.ly/2b5VIng

Basically the banner macro does not work correctly inside of a CSS file. Took me forever to work out the issue. I ended up using the HTML macro and no issues since.

@mouserworks - Interesting … the only difference I see from my situation is that upon publish/export it happens the first time. It doesn’t need to be done two or three times.
Also, if I right click on the page and publish just that page then it all of a sudden works and the path to the image changes.

Yeah, I found it random at times, that was why it was hard to figure out what was going on. Sometimes a new project on first publish would cause the issue, sometimes not for several publish cycles, sometimes not for days at a time. Since Isaiah said that one page vs. site publishing is different may explain why the issue would not show up for me, did not correlate that there may be separate publishing process for each kind.

Was sure it was me for a while, not using the macro correctly. The way I showed was the only way I could find that would throw the error consistently. Curious why not using the CSS macro but the HTML macro will make the issue go away. That is what I finally did, although that does not fix the underlying issue.

FYI original post with notes is here: http://forums.realmacsoftware.com/t/rw-banner-image-error/9094

@mouserworks - also, something else I see different is that you actually added a banner image whereas I didn’t, it was using the defualt banner image that is designated in the Info.plist file.

@dan - I would like to add this bit of information that the %banner_path% macro is being used in a css file that is NOT in the top level of files in a theme’s “Contents” folder. Maybe that has something to do with it, I am not sure.

Note the image below

This warning seems to be infinite…

@joeworkman thanks man, we’re working on a fix now!

@Gary, we’re looking into the path macro issue now, will let you know if we need anything else!

Okay @joeworkman there’s a new beta out that should let you rename the home page extensions :wink:

@Gary @mouserworks, the banner path macro is more tricky. we couldn’t recreate the problem here, but we think we fixed up a bunch of macro/theme issues related to the new multithreading stuff in RW. Have a play with the latest build and let us know how you get on.

btw. Are any of you other theme devs having banner path macro issues? (cc @Elixir @Doobox @weaver @MultiThemes)

What’s New in build 18238b

  • You can now change the page extension on the home page
  • Possible fix for the banner path macro sometimes doing funky things

Check for updates or download the build here:

Happy Weaving!