RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 1

RapidWeaver 7, Developer Preview 1

​_This post does contain a download link. Promise. Before you download the preview however, ​please​ read this entire post and ensure you take note of the Bug Reports section._​

Please note: this preview is offered to members of the forum in confidence. ​*Please keep details of the builds, and the builds themselves, private. Features aren’t finished, are subject to change, and the UI is very much non-final.*​

This snapshot of our progress is fresh from source on GitHub. It has things that are going to change, possibly things that are broken, and some new features.

As always, thanks for your support of RapidWeaver. We’re incredibly excited to give you a snapshot of our progress on RapidWeaver 7 so far.

Expect Preview 2 in a few weeks’ time.

​_RapidWeaver 7 requires OS X Yosemite or newer. We will not be supporting OS X Mavericks this time around._​


  1. Plugin icons and page list icons are NOT final. If you’re a plugin developer, please don’t re-draw your plugin icons yet. We’re changing the stock icons from the ones you’re currently seeing.
  2. Your addons will be copied from RW6 automatically.
  3. Plugins should “just work” and you should be able to install RW6 plugins with RW7.
  4. RapidWeaver 6 preferences for third-party plugins are not migrated yet. #ThanksSandboxing

What’s New

  1. New theme SDK stuff. Banner images, Responsive Theme preference - details here https://github.com/realmacsoftware/RWThemeKit/blob/7.x/readme.markdown
  2. New super-speedy preview.
  3. Publishing now supports multiple destinations and settings are managed via the Setup Sidebar.
  4. Page list supports mutiple selection
  5. Page inspector can now be toggled between floating and in-window
  6. All-new syntax highlighting throughout the app, including a Dark Theme (in General preferences).
  7. Local Folder export now available as a publishing destination.
  8. New Media browser to support other non-Apple apps.
  9. Side-wide code now tab-based to allow more editing space.
  10. Theme variation groups can now be collapsed.

Known Issues

  1. Banner image paths are only inserted when CSS consolidation is enabled.
  2. We’re looking at improving the visibility of the Addon migration process. Right now, it’s just two notifications (start / finish).
  3. Lots of unfinished UI.
  4. Publishing may be flakey.
  5. RapidWeaver 7 will only run in demo mode. We’re working on registration, but need to get the migration of preferences sorted to get upgrade logic in place alongside this.

Bug Reporting

By email to nik@realmacsoftware.com, please also CC dan@realmacsoftware.com. There are likely to be obvious issues in this build, and we appreciate concise, reproducible bug reports.

Discussion about RW7 is of course very welcome in this thread!

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