RapidWeaver 7.3 - Tell us what you need!

(Rob D) #21

I would be very grateful (and I don’t think it would be just me), if RW would finally fix something that was broken in version 7.0: at launch, all windows and panels should remember their previous state (position, open/closed, size, etc.). The way it is now, it takes a lot of time and patience to open, resize and move all the windows and panels every time RW is launched. Isaiah already fixed this in Stacks, why it isn’t done in RW itself? This pertains to such elements as Pages panel, Inspector, Addons, Snippets, et al.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #22

Yes indeed @irishrg automatic 3rd Party Theme, Stacks Updates at RW would be great and needed :+1:

(Greg) #24

I would like to see the ability to override the default web address for each publishing destination (optionally of course). A test publishing destination (e.g. my local network server sitting on the sewing cabinet in the lounge room) should have a test web address for consistency. Currently I change it in the “General” setting but sometimes forget.

Unless I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Regarding the “scroll back to top” stack editing issue. Another thing to check - if you use, say, google fonts and mistakenly specify unavailable font weights you will have the same issue.

(David) #25

If this bug with HTML5 audio auto-play could be fixed that would be great:

(Bruce Kieffer) #26

Some universal RW approved method and location to add social icons to a site, whether the icons are embedded in the theme, or Font Awesome icons. It seems that no two developers do this the same, and I have to say that none of the themes I own manage social icons in a clear straight forward way. One theme has me placing code in the footer line in RW general settings. Another has me placing code in the page sidebar section. It’s nuts! It makes no sense, and heaven forbid I need to find where the code is hidden in my project. Good luck with that.

(Joe Workman) #27

@bendeparis this is a bug in one of the stacks that you have on the page. You need to do a process of elimination to figure out which one it is. It normally happens when an external file is loaded into Edit mode.

(Joe Workman) #28

This is really top to the theme developer on where to place the Javascript. It would be nice if plugins could provide CSS and JS resources separately to the theme. However, this is probably a change that would need to happen in a major version release.

(Will Woodgate) #29

A couple of my customers have recently commented that they were disappointed to see the “all in one” PDF user guide for RW7 replaced with a more tedious online help system / knowledgebase search box. Link here. Worryingly, there’s now an underground black market emerging, with copies of the old PDF being secretly traded and shared around!!

Remarks were made that the illustrations in the new help articles are too small and you can no longer print or save the entire thing into a single file. There did not appear to be anything wrong with the old PDF, so I don’t understand why the decision was taken to delete it. Some consultation with the wider community would have been appreciated.

RapidWeaver definitely needs a robust “starting point” for novice users coming to the platform for the first time. The video content is useful to some degree, but certainly not of appeal to everyone. Given the choice of video or a PDF user guide, I’d nearly always opt for the latter.

So a new PDF user guide for RW 7.3 would definitely be a top request from me.

(Jonathan Spencer) #30

Bring Stacks 3 in-house and polish the hell out of it until it is fast, fast, fast!

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #31

People really need to stop asking for this, it will never happen.

(Tomas Jakobs) #32

Kind of post-processor or CSP-generator within your Health window, which could check all ressources of a project and throw out a proper CSP whitelist with proper SHA hashes as I already described here

(Jonathan Spencer) #33

If we all shout loud enough…

(Joel Fletcher) #34

Previous versions had the ability to export individual pages. By that I mean that you could control-click on a page in the left column, and it offered that option. Now there is only “publish” for an individual page. I don’t use Rapidweaver’s built-in upload (publish) function, but instead use a dedicated ftp software to handle that. SO, I would really appreciate it if the individual page export function would be restored. Thanks.

(Brian LaPan) #35

@Mysterion Create a new publishing destination, choose Local Folder for your site and then select that destination in publishing button drop down.

Then, when you right click a page and choose publish this page, it’ll only publish that page to your folder.

Does that help?

(Joel Fletcher) #36

Hi Brian, Yes, I have the publishing destination set up to a local folder. Works fine if I export the entire site. But if I try it for a single page, it goes through the export/publishing motions, and ultimately stops short, with the message “you don’t have permission to save the file in the folder”. A bug?

(NeilUK) #37

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but it would be great to be able to use the RW blog plugin within a stacks page. I use Foundry a lot and the ability to add a blog page to it would be a dream come true.

I know I can use a page specific theme, which is ok, but not ideal.

Fingers crossed

(Marc Vos) #38

What I really would like is that in every folder RW generates (files, resources, rwcommon, etc, etc), it also generates an HTML index file with a redirect to the home page. These folders are all free accessible via a webbrowser and that’s not always a good thing IMHO. When RW puts a simple index.html there, no one has to modify Apache settings or anything else.

(Marc Vos) #39

Another thing that is annoying is that button ‘drop an image here’ in some Stacks. When working full screen in RW, it’s hard to drop an image on a stack. It would help if clicking that button calls a OpenFile dialog so one can choose an image that way.

(Rob Beattie) #40

The Blog plugin could use some love but when it comes down to it, 7.3 should be stable, stable, stable, stable for as many people as possible.


(jol yates) #41

A stack that inserts the RW Blog page - it’s time guys !