RapidWeaver 7 and Mojave

I the latest version of RapidWeaver 7 comparable with macOS Mojave?

I can’t speak with authority. For that you’ll have to get an answer direct from Realmac – but I use RapidWeaver 7 on Mojave quite a bit and it seems to work OK.

It doesn’t really support dark mode or any of specifically Mojave features – for that you’ll need to update to RapidWeaver 8.


As long as it works. The dark mode etc. doesn’t matter to me. Thanks!

Also worth noting in case others read this:

Stacks 3 works great with RW v7 and v8 – and works (with some caveats) with RW v6.
It requires macOS 10.9 – but works great in Mojave (10.14) too. When running in RW v8 it will show some dark mode features – but not too many.

Stacks 4 (due out soon) will work with RW v7 and v8
It requires macOS 10.12. Stacks 4 works really well in Mojave. Not only does it fully support Mojave dark mode, but it allows you to selectively choose to view specific panes in light/dark depending on your preferences – because sometimes it’s a bit easier to edit a light-themed website with a light background in the edit-mode layout area.

Stacks 4 should start public beta testing in a few weeks. Not long to wait now. :slight_smile:


It requires macOS 10.12 i presume?

He says it requires 12.12.

Ah … so we do have or wait a few years :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Quite a long beta period. But how did he get the info about macOS 12 already?

Typo, guys, typo :sweat_smile:


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