RapidWeaver 8.1.7 Public Beta 2


One more build before we ship 8.1.7, please let us know if you find any issues.

What’s New RapidWeaver 8.1.7 ?

  • Fixed an issue with the gallery page type
  • New crash reporter
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements
  • Updated RMFTP & RW to use OpenSSL instead of Apple Transport!

Download RapidWeaver 8.1.7 Beta 2

Many Thanks

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This build does not seem to like me…

The update did work just fine for me. But I didn’t use the dmg-file behind the link in Dans post but the normal update mechanism when launching RW and it then detects that an update is available…

I used auto-update and it seemed to go alright. Downloaded fast, installed. No hiccups.


Clear all the caches, restart the internet, move your Mac to another room, cross your fingers, and try again!


Update via Sparkle worked for me finally. Not sure what the gremlins were doing to me.

Is 8.1.7 compatible with OS X 10.11.6?

I believe the minimum requirement for RW 8 is macOS 10.12.


I had no trouble updating from within RW8
All software and equipment current.

When I publish, the publishing dropdown info window does not close after publishing.
The only button or menu that works is the logs? button and that says “no logs…”
I have tried to click on any menu item or button to try to escape the drop down without success Therefore I force quit.

Cheers Marty

PS I am still wanting to know what “application call back error” means.

Is this now a release version? And if not, can anyone point me to the latest RW8 that isn’t a beta?




So anything listed here is a Final release and not a beta?

As far as I know no betas are ever listed on the release notes. I’m not aware of an active public beta right now. 8.1.7 is the current release.

Superb. Thanks.

All my projects lost resources with this update - hours of work. Many resources showing as being ‘External’ which they are not. Also found that ‘Resolve’ option worked for some but not others and the quickest way was to relink from the resources window.

Crumbs. That sounds pretty bad. I suppose I’ll give it a whirl with one project and see how I get on. Gulp. Wish upgrading didn’t always feel like such a leap of faith.


If you just duplicate your project before upgrading, you can have one to go back to and keep RW7 side-by-side for the time-being

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That’s what I did last time from 6 to 7. Took ruddy ages, but at least I didn’t lose anything.


In reality it’s only an issue if you remove the published site and republish afresh - after all the old resources aren’t going anywhere on the server. Nevertheless the update has to be done if you want a fresh publish for any reason, and it is a nuisance having the warning pop up every time you open a project!

Well, starting small, I’ve updated a single page Foundry site and all is good so far!

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