RapidWeaver 8.1 GM (Build 20579) , Oh Yeah!

Hey you lovely developers,

Here’s the final final final GM build of RapidWeaver 8.1 - We plan to go live with this on Wednesday 23rd. Take it for a spin and check compatibility with your plugins, stacks, and themes to make sure the launch goes smoothly :+1:

Download RapidWeaver 8.1 GM (Build 20579)

FYI: Going forward we plan to ship smaller, more frequent updates as this 8.1 release is a bit of a whopper.

And finally, thanks for all your help along the way, we really appreciate it.


What’s New in RapidWeaver 8.1?

  • Sandboxed!
  • Dark Mode for Mojave now supported
  • Added Amazon S3 as a Publishing Destination
  • Touch Bar support added
  • Added support for resizing the preview in the main window
  • Added support back in for copying a resources URL
  • Added a new drop down menu to the Simulator toolbar button
  • Added iPhone XS Max to the simulator window
  • Added an option to disable OpenGraph metatags on a per page basis
  • Add a new preference to disable UI sounds
  • Multiple selection is now supported in the Resources Browser
  • Resources can now be dragged from a child folder to the root resources folder
  • Source list layout is now restored between opens
  • Improved the handling of files in the Resources Manager
  • Files in the Resources Browser can now be renamed
  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap plugin and sitemap.xml was displayed and exported incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with adding edited photos from the resources browser
  • Fixed an issue with resources not getting exported when previewing
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would appear to deadlock while opening projects
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would re-publish all files on every publish
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would get stuck looping between pages
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect path would be used for social tags in the page header
  • Fixed an issue with multiple buy buttons showing
  • Removed the javascript that was removing line breaks from the Offroad theme
  • Fixed an issue where banner images wouldn’t show due to an issue with CSS consolidation
  • Fixed a naming issue with FontAwesome
  • Show Properties button in Blog now works correctly
  • Fixed various podcasting and channel issues within the Blog page
  • Fixed an issue with page styles being incorrectly applied to Master Styles
  • Fixed up an issue with the Addons Installer
  • Fixed up various crashes in the Photo Album Plugin
  • Fixed a crash when using “Reveal in Finder” and the resource cannot be found
  • Fixed up crash when using the link panel
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur in the Snippets Window
  • Plugin information is now logged in crash reports
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements!

9 downloads, and 9 hearts. SCORE! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the release @dan and crew!

Is this GM build the released version?

Yup, exactly the same one.

i give it a :+1: no issues with Stacks 3 (or 4 :wink:)