RapidWeaver 8.4 Beta 1

(Isaiah Carew) #21

Thanks for the info Paul, however I don’t think what you’re experiencing is the same as the crash that was posted above. Unless your issue crashes and you just didn’t mention that in the ticket. But thanks for the details. :slight_smile:

Well, to be fair, I guess there are a number issues being discussed intertwined here:

  • something about permissions – although i’m not sure if that’s an issue so much as a strange circumstance that’s best corrected just by fixing the permissions.
  • a “nil object exception” – which is a crash, but without any other details as far as i can tell.
  • a crash with a crash report that is presumably different than either the permissions thing or the nil object exception – the crash report seems to come after undoing, i think in stacks, but undoing what is left as an exercise to the debugger.
  • and a stuck stacks loading window.

i suspect that all the issues here are stacks issues. each of a different sort – but none with enough detail to locate the issue.

if anyone has any more info on ways to see these problems, please let me know.

moderators: if you’d like to split these off into a separate thread that would make sense as none of these things has anything to do with the RW beta release. thx

(Beatrix Willius) #22

Yes, some issues are related to RW and some to Stacks 4. Doing undo a couple of times for Stacks related edits crashes RW every time.

(Jonathan Lamb) #23

Unfortunately my RW 8.4 Beta 1 won’t launch at all on the latest Catalina Beta. It bounces in the dock briefly but that’s all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have stacks 3 installed too

(Isaiah Carew) #24

Could you provide a tiny bit more detail. I’m afraid I don’t see this – and there’s some key ingredient that I must be missing. If anyone has a bit more detail – about any of these things – that would be awesome.

But, I think that’s my last post to this thread. If you got details, forward 'em and I’ll fix the bugs. If not… that’s cools with me too. :smiley:


(Beatrix Willius) #25

I made a video. The best I can way is hiding/showing stacks and editing html.

Next up is the problem where I can make a stack vanish by doing a drag-and-drop.

(Gnosis Media) #26

Is there a release date for 8.4 yet?

(Dan) #27

It should be around the time macOS Catalina is released. We’re not sure on the exact date yet, but it should be sometime this month.

Many Thanks

Catalina Release Version and RW Plugins Problems
(Gnosis Media) #28

I just got prompted by Mac OS to install Catalina which is why I asked. So they are already rolling it out.

(Dan) #29

Typical Apple.

Use the beta for now, we’ll have an official release out later this week!

8.4 Release Date
🔥 RapidWeaver 8.4 and macOS Catalina Plugin Compatibility
(olof ekbergh) #30

I have RW 8.3 from the AppStore. So I can’t register my Beta 8.4 and 8.3 does not work. How do I register the beta so I get full functionality, and how soon will the AppStore have the full 8.4?

Thanks in advance…

(Dan) #31

RapidWeaver 8.4 should be available via the App Store in the next few days (all being well with approval).



And the Setapp version has already been updated. :+1:

(Shubhanyu Jain) #33

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