RapidWeaver 8 — Available Now!

(William VILLERS) #65

So, it is $69 for new customers and faithful existing ones? No loyalty bonus points? :thinking:

(Dan) #66

RapidWeaver 8 is now just one low price for all new and existing customers. It’s cheaper than RapidWeaver 7 was at it’s height of $99. I think this makes it an easier and less confusing purchase for all new and existing customers alike.

Interestingly, we never checked when people purchased the upgrade license, so basically anyone could purchase an upgrade, and we think most people did just that :wink:

This is a good thing for the RapidWeaver community as a whole, it will bring more users onboard and will spur on more development of third-party addons. not to mention we’re now cheaper than the competition — This is a good thing and should be celebrated!


(William VILLERS) #67

Thanks for the quick response, Dan.

I guess it’s a business decision to assume the existing customers are locked in and therefore the focus should be on customer acquisition… As an RW customer since 5, we’ve been upgrading faithfully every year using the upgrade price, I was planning to do the same.

While $69 instead of ~$45-$48 upgrade price we’ve had over the years is not an extravagant sum of money, this still constitutes a large relative increase.

I think $69 across the board sends the wrong message, but I’m sure you guys made this decision for good reasons.

(Dan) #68

You should have upgraded within the first two weeks as we were offering a $10 discount to our loyal users :stuck_out_tongue: If you email support we may be able to help you out :wink:

The new simple pricing scheme will also help us launch RW8 on the App Store (hopefully) without worrying about how we are going to do upgrade pricing (as the app store does not support that).


(William VILLERS) #69

Sorry I missed it, was away from Mac & web publishing… Appreciate the gesture, Dan!

(Dan) #70

We’re aim to please!

(Ken) #71

@wvillers This upgrade is very significant, particularly for long time users of RW, who probably suggested most of the changes made. You will see on these forums, users who have contructed sites in Version 6, 7 and now 8. All of which still work well. Version 7.5 is highly stable so its likely that some users will wait for 8 to be debugged of minor faults. Me - I jump in headfirst with all upgrades and do most heavy RW users. If I find some problems with Version 8, I know ways around until its fixed. Realmac have been very proactive in getting V8 perfect and a lot has been fixed in versions 8.01, 8.02 & 8.03 as also have Yourhead.

RW gets better with every version and you won’t find many serious applications that don’t charge for major upgrades.

(William VILLERS) #72

@kpryce1, I am not doubting the significance of RW8. As mentioned before, I am one of these who has constructed websites with older versions, starting with 5 (or maybe it was 4, I can’t remember). RW has been our tool for our corporate website since 2011 :slight_smile: That is not at all the argument.

What I am arguing, and what Dan has addressed, is the pricing model which doesn’t seem to “reward” into account old time users.

(William VILLERS) #73

I am now the proud owner of an RW8 license, thanks @dan

(Dan) #74

That’s great to hear, viva-la-weaver!

(Rocio Evenett) #75

Wow, up and running in 15 minutes without any problems!..
In 15 years since I started using Realmac software (Button builder) this is the BEST upgrade ever!!!

(Justin) #76

Hello Weavers:

I have been using Rapidweaver for the better part of 13 years and I must say that this is best upgrade ever! I purchased my copy a while back, but I waited a while before upgrading because of the bugs I’ve experienced in the past. Full confession - it was not necessary! Everything worked like a charm and I just wanted to say thank you to the Realmac team for doing such an awesome job with this version. Keep up the good work and I look forward to an awesome year of weaving. We are waiting on your next update YourHead!


(Dan) #77

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