RapidWeaver 8 is Launching Next Week!

(Lance Harris) #42

Just downloaded and opened RW 8 and it looks awesome. Thanks @dan and your RW team for another outstanding release.

(Dan) #43

You’re welcome, it’s been a labour of love for us, and I’m just glad you like it.

Plenty more good stuff to come :smiley:

Happy Weaving!

(Doug) #44

Thanks @dan and team, opened my project and all works great in RW8.

In case you haven’t noticed, on the RW website front page there is a link thats broken, a spelling mistake that stops you going to the forum from the learn link, an “r” missing from forum :slight_smile:


(Jerome) #45

And ? Is it really RW 8 ? Just download, some works… and what is new here ? For 59 dollars in update ? wow…

(Doug Bennett) #46

You sure you’re opening RW8? It has a different program name and RW7 still will open.
Just look at the device preview at the top.
Want a list of new features check out Dans blog post above.

(Jan Fuellemann) #47

Quite a lot. Check the release notes:

(Bruce Kieffer) #48

Just bought the upgrade. Very nice. Haven’t done much yet, but I like what I see. FYI to upgraders; you need to use the “Open another project” in the splash screen, or “Open” in the File menu if you are opening a project created with an older version (I have RW7). Drag and drop, or double click of the older project do nothing.

Also, check your resources, I’ve had to relink them.

And I’m finding a couple of odd behaviors when upgrading older projects. Perseverance seems to help!

(Dan) #49

There are tonnes of new features in RapidWeaver 8, the more you use it the more you’ll notice all the new things, big and small.

You can also take a look at the post here, and be sure to check the RapidWeaver website, and look for the new feature section. We’ve recorded videos for all the new features!

Hope that helps — Happy Weaving!


(SF) #50

Thanks for the update Dan. Guess I won’t be moving my site over just yet. Fortunately I can go ahead with the three projects I was saving for today. None of them need stores day 1.

(SF) #51

I guess I’ll wait to see if an update is released. Nothing so far.

(Doug Bennett) #52

Was updated a little while ago:
Version 8.0 (20070)

(SF) #53

Just saw this in RCPro - a link to an email list for RapidCart 5 for when it comes out. I guess if you want to use RapidCart Pro with RW8, you’re buying an upgrade at some unknown point in the future. Guess it’s time to finally start looking at other options.

? Comments....RapidCart Pro & Stripe
(Isaiah Carew) #54

We’ve been selling Stacks with the CartLoom guys for, I think, 9 years! It’s been so long that I don’t even remember how long it’s been. :rofl:

CartLoom takes care of a lot of the details of selling things online, supports multiple ways of collecting money (Stripe, PayPal, Credit Card, etc.). And most of all Mike and Nick are great guys that have beens supporting the RapidWeaver community even longer than I have!

Last month my uptime report showed zero minutes of downtime. Third month in a row. Yearly downtime was less than 5 min total. Solid. Doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’re looking for a new service, check 'em out. I don’t get anything for posting this. I just like the service and know that other people will too.


(Adam Shiver) #55

I can echo @isaiah’s advice. I’ve been using CartLoom since the get-go and have had nothing but good experiences. In the few times I’ve needed support for something that has gone wrong, or something I’ve messed up, Mike has been quick to help out. It is a very good service, and well worth every penny! I’d say if you’re in need of a solution for selling online right now, give them a look.

(SF) #56

@isaiah & @Elixir You guys are at the top of the people I respect in the RW community, so I trust you when you say Cartloom is great. But it’s really aimed at people who are purely selling online.

It’s a poor choice for people who run seminars or schools where online sales are a suppliment to sales that are predominantly done in person. A one time purchase price that can be spread over several years, (as was done with RapidCart Pro between updates), makes a lot more sense for small businesses.

My main reason for going with RapidCart originally was to have an option for digital downloads for a few of the digital books my client offers. But honestly, they’d do 99% of their business through Amazon or Apple, so losing that ability seems to be a small cost. I think I’ll be moving over to Yuzool’s Cart 2 stack. It seems to do everything I need without the recurring financial cost that would eliminate the benefit to selling online.

(Isaiah Carew) #57

@SanityFox - there are a bunch of solutions and pros and cons to each one. and that’s exactly the point i wanted to make: lots of solutions; lot’s of choice.

i don’t want to put anyone down, i was just throwing out one more solution in case that helps. it’s not the best solution for everyone, it’s just the one that worked for me. :smiley:

(Bruce Kieffer) #58

Drag and drop a RW 7 project on the RW 8 icon is now working with the update that came out today.

(Dan) #59

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