Rapidweaver not showing preview

(Jacqui Martin) #1

Can someone please help. Having problems this morning with RW7. First I checked to see if RW had any updates and got a message to say that the RW folder was not in applications folder and to move it there. Indeed it wasn’t in the Applications folder so I dragged it there. Since then I am unable to open my Project file properly. It opens but it has lost some of its images but more importantly when I go to Preview I can only see part of my homepage and cannot scroll down. The page is all there in Edit mode.

(Jacqui Martin) #2

Tried to open another project that I have - same thing happens and I managed to see this error just at the bottom of the page.

(Doug Bennett) #3

You might want to try (after making sure RW is closed) reinstalling it. If you purchased RW from RealMac directly you can get a new copy here:

(Jacqui Martin) #4

If I reinstall what happens to all my stacks?

(Doug Bennett) #5

The reinstall shouldn’t have any effect on any plugins, themes or stacks. They’re stored in a different location.

(system) #6

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