Rapidweaver not showing preview

Can someone please help. Having problems this morning with RW7. First I checked to see if RW had any updates and got a message to say that the RW folder was not in applications folder and to move it there. Indeed it wasn’t in the Applications folder so I dragged it there. Since then I am unable to open my Project file properly. It opens but it has lost some of its images but more importantly when I go to Preview I can only see part of my homepage and cannot scroll down. The page is all there in Edit mode.

Tried to open another project that I have - same thing happens and I managed to see this error just at the bottom of the page.

You might want to try (after making sure RW is closed) reinstalling it. If you purchased RW from RealMac directly you can get a new copy here:

If I reinstall what happens to all my stacks?

The reinstall shouldn’t have any effect on any plugins, themes or stacks. They’re stored in a different location.

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