RapiWeaver 7 freezes at launch

Suddenly RapidWeaver 7 started freezing at launch and I can do nothing else but force quit. I disabled all third-party add-ons, but the problem remains.

Did you restart your Mac?

Yes, the first thing I did.

Try re-downloading the app and trying a new install of the app.

I did it. The problem remains.

Next step is to contact Realmac Support


Yes, I know. I already have and am waiting for an answer.

I uninstalled ALL third party add-ons. I uninstalled RapiWeaver 7 and re-installed it. It still freezes. at launch. When I press the option button, and disable everything, it still freezes, though there is NO add-on at all!
If I enable the “Re-prompt to import add-ons” (when starting with the option button pressed) then RapidWeaver LAUNCHES without freezing, but there are no add- ons (even after installing some of them).
This all happened suddenly and without me doing or adding something new.

If you get it to launch (even without addons) hold down command+option and push 7, this will open the addons folder in a finder window. Take ALL of the addons OUT of this folder and put them in a folder on your desktop. Then slowly start adding addons. Start with the ones you ABSOLUTELY can not live without (like the Stacks Plugin). Add 3 at a time. After each install of 3 addons, then restart RapidWeaver normally and see if it works. If it does, add 3 more. If not, remove those 3 and try them 1 at a time (the same 3). See if one of those 3 breaks it by itself.

Not a fun way to do it, but it might help you figure out what is going on.

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