Re-booting on RealMac activities

Hi there. It’s been a while … apparently long enough for my RapidWeaver community account to be deleted.

My last activities on web development date back a couple of years, from RW6 …

I’ve kept my license active and just installed RW8. Looks like I will be building my website from scratch since my old project files won’t open correctly. Also, although I just bought the update on Stacks v4, when starting RW8 I keep getting update notices for Stacks 3.6.9 which won’t install obviously …

Reason for re-activating, is that I have started exploring SQL and intend to set up some databases on my website.

On the Realmac site, there’s a nice overview of what’s new in RW8, but as I have skipped version 7 … can anyone direct me to some summary info on what happend since RW6 ?

Any suggested classes on the RW Classroom I should consider to work on SQL database stuff (PHP ? MySQL integration ?)

Looking forward to picking up where I left off (with a big leap to make first I guess)


You might these useful…

Upgrading from RW7 or earlier


RapidWeaver release notes

I can’t remember 100%, but I think there’s a checkbox when the Stacks update appears that you can select to not receive notifications about the update.

Thanks,Neil, I’ll have a look.

I also noticed today that the Foundation Theme I have installed (from back then) is not really working properly … is there a way to “upgrade” themes like that ?

Foundation has fairly recently been completely updated to version 6. You probably have an earlier version. The theme that goes with earlier versions is 1.81 which you can download here

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