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Where do I re-download Stacks Plug-In that I have purchased. After purchasing a new MacBook Pro, I seem to have to re-activate everything, I mean everything … decided might as well upgrade to version 8. I’m using the temporary free Stack with the banner asking me to make a purchase.
download a copy, in the footer you can retreive your serial no.


From where do I download the copy?

If you already have the Stacks plugin installed, you don’t need to re-install it. They all come in demo mode at first. What you need to do is click on “Buy Now”, then you’ll be able to enter your serial number which will activate the plugin.

If you don’t have your serial number, you can look it up here

You can download here
But as Neil said if you already have it installed, just re-insert your registration no.
You can retrieve that in the footer of every page on the yourhead site.

Thank you, Scott. And while we are at it, I sent an email yesterday asking what are the benefits of paying for prime membership. I have done so for two months without using it. I want to know if its worth having.

Sorry, I don’t follow. Prime membership where?

Scott, in case I am confused, let me forward my most recent payment, even though Paddle only have record of January 30 to February 28 (it says community membership).

It may help you to help me figure out what it is for, apart from video training, which by now I should have such training under my belt. I just want to know what are the benefits, other than having your prompt response:)

Don’t forward anything to me, I’m just a forum member like you. I don’t work for RealMac or Your Head, just trying to help. I didn’t/don’t understand what or where you are talking about “Prime Membership”

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Could you possibly be talking about the RapidWeaver Community membership? They offer paid memberships that gives some benefits, but that wouldn’t have anything to do with YourHead(stacks).

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Doug, my most sincere apologies. I wish those guys at RapidWeaver would respond as prompt as do YourHead, then I would not be sending such an email, and this is not the first time.

A pleasure doing business with you, indeed!!!

I wasn’t aware of any paid membership plan scheme but having just looked I suggest the title Join **10,000+ Weavers_ on the official RapidWeaver Community " might be construed a misrepresentation.

Although the RW developers have created and and continue to provide an excellent product, I think they missed a trick in allowing an independent developer to create stacks (akin to a template layer) because that has spawned a host of add-on stacks that capitalise on the versatility of the stack template. Consequently, the RW folk have missed out on a major source of revenue and I would think the paid membership plan is an attempt to provide a source of revenue in between RW paid version launches. The subscription model, made popular I think by Adobe, is a good way for businesses that might otherwise have had difficulty in managing cash-flow to be able to.

The basis scheme is free and you can join the 10K+ users. People on this forum are very helpful so I should think you’d do just as well to ask any questions here and not pay. I’m not on the paid membership so cannot say for certain but I would think that the only difference is that on this forum there is no obligation on any contributor to be helpful: although any contribution is free of charge, it is not free of the contributor’s time.

The paid plans do allow you access to “all” the training videos including the individually sold courses(eg. $99 SEO course).

Not saying it’s a good or bad thing to do, but @ben’s training videos are well done.

Thank you, Michael. Sorry for my late response, dare I explain (:

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