Recipe style plugin?

Relatively new to Rapid Weaver. What I’m trying to do is have a page which displays random pictures, similar to what you’d see with a gallery at the top of the page, only when you click on one of the pictures it would send you to a specific page (instead of opening up a bigger version of the picture). I looked in the community with all the stacks and plugins but didn’t see anything. I’m working on a recipe site and would like to have pictures of the dishes roll by at the top of the screen, and when you click on one it sends you to a page where the recipe instructions would be found.

Any idea on where to find something like this?

You can totally do that with TotalCMS from

Quick Example (note I only have 3 images & set to display two at a time and scroll 1)

The recipes are dynamic so using only one RW page to display any of the recipes.
Scroller is MovingBox stack.

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Take a look at this:
I added peek-a-boo to keep things on a single page!

THANK YOU! You guys are awesome :grinning:

Is the horizon plugin part of totalCMS? According to a video I just saw It said you have to add it separately. Could be old video. Confused.

No, Horizon is a separate stack (not a plug-in).
I don’t have horizon in my example I used the MovingBox stack

Does horizon have more features than moving box. They look similar.

I have both…Horizon is just fast to setup…
I added 2 recipe pages …not all correct…but you can see how it works with peek-a-boo
the first 2 items are all that change.

Idk if horizon has Tcms Blog list as a source option, I don’t have that stack. Moving box is very powerful and has tons of options.

Yes this is what I was hoping for. Thanks guys!

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