Recovery from Backup?

(Dr. Jim Fox) #1

Every time I publish my website it makes a backup automatically. How do you restore from a backup?

(David) #2

You would download the backup which is a copy of your RW project file, open it in RW and re-publish all files.

(Ben Balser) #3

I can tell you first hand! We had a RAID go out (controller card) and this client is too cheap to have purchased the backup drive as recommended. Everything they had lost. Fortunately, the backup is on the FTP server, and saved my part of the job. Downloaded the .zip file, uncompressed it, launched it, went to town like nothing happened. I have to say, that auto-backup every time I upload changes to a site, is the single best thing about RW ever. I don’t care how long it takes, I’d rather wait today, and survive tomorrow, then be fast today and fired tomorrow.

(Dr. Jim Fox) #4

Thanks David. I was looking for a button or routine within RW 7. I found the backup and all is well. And Ben, I agree. I have backup drives. They so inexpensive to not have them. I had my computer crash and Time Machine and my backup drives saved me. A little time and money can save a lot of hassle.