Relative path question? Maybe

I’m trying to figure out how to display a learning module I made in Adobe Captivate into my website. I have FTP to my server as you can see here:

I also have a copy on my desktop and when I click on the index.html file it opens and works fine. But when I try to upload it to my website I get nothing. I’ve turned off adblockers.
Here is the path that I get from transmit

This site is a subdomain of my site: the subdomain is If that helps.

This is driving me nuts.

Thanks for any help.

Each …/ in the link url takes you up one level if that helps you
So …/…/ is two levels up

is this the page you are after?


How did you do that!

Wonderful. Thank you very much. I really want to learn this stuff. It’s just frustrating.

I’m using the Embed stack and when I put that URL in there it still doesn’t show up on my web page.



%20 is representative of a SPACE [sp]

DO NOT use spaces in file or folder names. You shouldn’t even use capital letters because some servers don’t support them and will convert them into lowercase letters thereby breaking links…

Your current link is Module[sp]1[sp]quiz[sp]/index.html

Rename the folder Module_1_quiz or Module-1-quiz or Module1_quiz or whatever, but change the space to something else, also note there is a space at the end of the folder name… gotta go!

Once the folder is renamed, change your reference to it in your embed to reflect the new folder name.

Republish and you should be good to go. (NOTE that the old folder and contents will remain on the server and you will have to use an ftp program or your c-panel to go in and delete them manually).



@Turtle is correct, it is gennerally bad practice to use uppercase and especially spaces in file and folder names. It can cause unpredictable results. I would bet that if you rename the folders and files and correct the link it will work.


Great feedback! Thanks.

So after I change the folder name do I also have to go into the folder and change the names of the index folders inside? That is to say if the Adobe created the folder titled Module 1 quiz and inside that it created a file called Module 1 quiz.html, would I need to change that file name to to module_1_quiz.html?

Also can I change the name via and ftp program like Transmit, which is what use. Or should I download them and change them on my computer and then upload them again via FTP?

If that’s the case would that then screw up all the links created by the software n the quiz or am I really overthinking this?

Sorry to be such a PIA.



I would say go into Adobe, open the project for Module 1 Quiz, rename it using no spaces, re-export it and re-reference it in RapidWeaver.

What Adobe product are you using to generate the quiz?


I’m using Captivate.

I went back and used the suggestions everyone gave me, which I really appreciate!

I recreated my directory on my server side to address some other issues. While 1and1 support is normally very good sometimes I think I confuse them.

I am uploading the new folder and will let you know.

Latest update: for example which is the path for the index.html which starts the quiz. On my desktop it works fine. When I try to put in a iframe like this:

<iframe src=
style="width: 800px; height:600px;
scrolling="auto" >

Nothing happens on my webpage. Just a blank space. Also when I try to directly access this by using the URL of the path I get a 404 error.

Again sorry to hassle everyone. Any thoughts are great. I subscribed to Rapidweaver classroom and I’m reading as well.