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Following advice I purchased Repository, very impressed. However how do I add a ‘Home button’ or return to some other page? Or should I simply force the page to open a new tab that users then close?

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I have an update coming along which offers a home button.

great, timescale?

Just out of interest I assumed the Download Stack would only allow downloads, it seems to offer full control with no access permissions? Have I missed the point.

I appreciate I can set up 2 repository pages with different permissions but an curious?



Are you still talking about Repository?

Allows password protection. Can also use with Sitelok.

With Repository you can download single files, or download a whole folder of files at once! Very useful.

Click on the name of the page (top left) and that will take you to the Home page of your site. As @instacks mentioned more “nuance” to this will come soonish.

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Sorry for not being clear, when I installed Teheran Repository Stack it installed a Sack called ‘Download’ this is the stack I am referring to, which I assumed (I guess incorrectly) provided a download only facility without all the move/delete etc. facilities. But this doesn’t seem to be the case so I just wondered what this stack was about?

As I am really not understanding, please provide screenshots. Thanks.

I do not see what a screen shots will add? When I add the Downloads Stack to a page and upload it to my website then on my website anyone visiting the page can delete/upload/move etc. any files they want. I just assumed that the Downloads Stack only allows downloads? Am I mistaken? Thanks

Well, that’s then not the download stack supplied inside the Repository Stack installation.

So, some screenshots are appreciated.

This is the Rapidweaver page, go to and select the Download tag and you will see what I get.



Please follow up the tutorial on

Also have a look at the videos.

If this login screen appears, you have put the “Repository” Stack to the page. This is the Stack allowing all the actions you described. The Repository Stack is, when used, the only stack allowed to exit on the Stacks page.

I don’t know which stacks you have put on that page, putting Repository and Download Stack on one page does not make sense.

I have not put the repository stack and download stack on the same page, imputes on different pages. However I will play around some more and do some more research. After that if I haven’t resolved it I will come back to you, thanks

@jwDave Again, it would be useful to know what you are trying to accomplish and with whom. Then we can provide much better advice.

In general the download stack is not needed, or even desireable. It is great for specific cases where you want to share with others: but also for people who do not need login access. There are some great uses for the download stack but 95% of the time I don’t need it.

The basic Repository stack has login protection. It allows designated users (who have the login credentials) to upload AND download materials.

The Download stack is only for downloading: no uploading, no login protection.

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Thank you

I will do this after I have spent more time on it, I was premature in my question, I should have looked more myself first. Thanks again.

No worries. It’s a very feature rich stack and there are lots of ways to use it. So it has a bit of a learning curve. But a very powerful web-tool that I think you’ll really enjoy and appreciate.

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