Restoring lost website using existing internet website

I just upgraded to El Capitan. I am running RW 6.3.4.
The “recents” list is now empty and I am unable to locate in RW files on my hard drive. Did a restore from backup drive but it was older and I lost some fresh content.
Is there a way to restore the RW site that is on my hard drive by using my published website… which is fresh and clean and everything I want it to be?

You recents list is populated the same way OSX repopulates the recent applications and documents list. Your site files have not been removed, you probably just don’t remember where you saved them. Just do a search for .rwsrw (Rapidweaver 5) or .rw6 (Rapidweaver 6) files and you’ll be able to continue on working.

You can’t by magic rewind a published website back to your RapidWeaver file.
You’ll have to find your old file or rebuild a backup page by page, letter by letter.

RapidWeaver generates all the code needed > then publish it to the web > There’s no filter to bring it back into RapidWeaver from the Web. The only filter that works this way is unfortunately… B2W = Back to Work.

Thanks all. You saved me additional hours of frustration trying in vain to figure this out. I have found the files but they are older so it is B2W.
I sincerely appreciate your help