Right Click Rename A Partial

I would like to request the ability to rename a partial from the Partial section of the RW library pane by right clicking.

I believe that will probably have to come from @isaiah at YourHead since he produces Stacks.

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You can always join the Yourhead Slack Channel

A good place to suggest ideas about Stacks.

I can’t get in to Yourhead on Slack.

You need to get invited, the link above from @zeebe should bring up a screen like this:

Fill in your email address and click get my invite
Check your email then sign in to slack at.

I said I can’t get in:

I found my log in, and now I am in, but to tell me Token_Revoked is not helpful.

I also received the same “Token Revoked” message. Not sure why.

The “Token Revoked” seems to come up if you already have submitted to get invited. Check your email you should have gotten something from slack feedback@slack.com.
To get to yourheads slack page, the address is: https://yourhead.slack.com/
you will get a login screen:

Enter you email and if you forgot your password click the button.

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Thanks Doug. Yes, with that search criteria I found the email (12/28/15). I joined but can’t recall seeing any subsequent email or communications. Probably need to check my email filter!!!

Update: Just got a new password and tried to sign in. I cannot because “Javascript must be enabled” on my machine. I do not enable javascript and do not want to - with rare exception. Now I remember why I never visited the site - however useful it might otherwise be. Mystery solved.