RW 6.3.3 Upgrade

(Michael Fordice) #1

I upgraded to 6.3.3 (from 6.3.2) today and it appears that custom backgrounds in the Reason theme no longer work. It was find in 6.3.2. How can I get 6.3.2 back?

(Charles Davis) #2

While publishing has always been a ‘hit or miss’ with multiple attempts sometimes required, 6.3.3 doesn’t really work for me at all. The tricks that I have tried before (e.g. testing setting, quitting RW and fussing quietly) simply won’t work.

(Nik Fletcher) #3

We’d love to get some details from you on this: the change for 6.3.3 is tiny (and involves only the Replace page menu) so I’m surprised you’re seeing this.

If you could get us a project file: that’d be awesome.


(Charles Henderson) #4

The latest upgrades have made Rapidweaver run incredibly slow. The spinning wheel in between changes to a page is driving me crazy. All my add-ons are up to date. Stacks 3 didn’t help either. My other apps are running fine on my MacBook. Anyone else having these issues?

(Nik Fletcher) #5

@chashenderson Could you drop us an email (support@) with a project file? We’ll take a look and see what’s causing this.

(Henry Halem) #6

Same thing here. Upgrade to 6.3.3 has slowed uploads to a crawl. Don’t know if it’s the combined Stacks 3 and 6.3.3.

(Karen Curran) #7

I agree - RW 6.3.3. has slowed uploads considerably. I have not yet updated Stacks to 3.
@nikf I have sent you email with links to Dropbox files to download.

(Nik Fletcher) #8

RapidWeaver 6.3.3 has no FTP changes vs 6.3.2. If uploads have slowed but are still going that’s likely a network issue (and one variable we can’t control).


(Franz Rathmair) #9

I notice, too, that saving the project fie takes a long time.

And, uploading the project started with a complete upload of some 400 files - while changes were made to only 2 or so.

After the last upload I tested it: Clicked “upload” and it started to upload all 400 although there had not been any change.


(Nik Fletcher) #10

Which pages have you changed? A blog page? If there’s sub-pages (tags etc) that need updating, this may account for why these pages are also uploaded.


(Franz Rathmair) #11

I made changes in the content of a page that I imported into a blog page with Pluskit.

I am now working with 6.3.2. again.


(Nik Fletcher) #12

Given that changes in RW 6.3.3 I’d be surprised if it were fixed by downgrading. Could we get a copy of your project file to test this? PlusKit complicates things, but we can certainly check it out.

(Charles Davis) #13

This is absolutely not a network issue. Publishing is extremely slow and, actually I have never seen a successful published site since I upgrade to 6.3.3 .

(Oscar Schmid) #14

I have a small test project.
With PlusKit in the project, RW always publish 19 files, without any changes, always 19 files.

When I make a change in a page, RW publish only 2, 3 files.
After, without changes in any page, RW publish again 19 files! Strange!

When I delete the PlusKit page, RW publish 1 file, when I make a change in a page.
Without any changes, RW publish nothing, after exporting.
I think, RW works perfekt, but the PlusKit plugin brings a problem!

(Charles Davis) #15

I downgraded to 6.3.2 and my project successfully published. I’ll stick with that version!

(Oscar Schmid) #16

With me is the situation the same, also with RW 6.3.2.
19 files published with PlusKit in the project :wink:

(Nik Fletcher) #17

Genuinely surprised to hear that. As noted, there are no code-changes that would affect the speed of publishing in 6.3.3.

We’ll take a look again, however.

(Oscar Schmid) #18

The problem with PlusKit appears only in combination with Stacks.

(Greg Budde) #19

I am also having problems after upgrading to RW 6.3.3 and Stacks 3. The first edit to a couple of pages caused my entire site to be republished (1158 files) which took hours. Today I made a small change to a single page, and again RW wants to publish 1158 files once again. I do have a PlusKit page in my site files.

(Oscar Schmid) #20

The problem exist only, when the @import(()) code is in a Styled Text page.
When the code is in a Stacks page, no problem!
Nothing to do with Stacks, I think.

The problem is PlusKit
PlusKit @import(()) breaks the Image Stack.