RW 6.3.3 Upgrade

I upgraded to 6.3.3 (from 6.3.2) today and it appears that custom backgrounds in the Reason theme no longer work. It was find in 6.3.2. How can I get 6.3.2 back?

While publishing has always been a ‘hit or miss’ with multiple attempts sometimes required, 6.3.3 doesn’t really work for me at all. The tricks that I have tried before (e.g. testing setting, quitting RW and fussing quietly) simply won’t work.

We’d love to get some details from you on this: the change for 6.3.3 is tiny (and involves only the Replace page menu) so I’m surprised you’re seeing this.

If you could get us a project file: that’d be awesome.


The latest upgrades have made Rapidweaver run incredibly slow. The spinning wheel in between changes to a page is driving me crazy. All my add-ons are up to date. Stacks 3 didn’t help either. My other apps are running fine on my MacBook. Anyone else having these issues?

@chashenderson Could you drop us an email (support@) with a project file? We’ll take a look and see what’s causing this.

Same thing here. Upgrade to 6.3.3 has slowed uploads to a crawl. Don’t know if it’s the combined Stacks 3 and 6.3.3.

I agree - RW 6.3.3. has slowed uploads considerably. I have not yet updated Stacks to 3.
@nikf I have sent you email with links to Dropbox files to download.

RapidWeaver 6.3.3 has no FTP changes vs 6.3.2. If uploads have slowed but are still going that’s likely a network issue (and one variable we can’t control).


I notice, too, that saving the project fie takes a long time.

And, uploading the project started with a complete upload of some 400 files - while changes were made to only 2 or so.

After the last upload I tested it: Clicked “upload” and it started to upload all 400 although there had not been any change.


Which pages have you changed? A blog page? If there’s sub-pages (tags etc) that need updating, this may account for why these pages are also uploaded.


I made changes in the content of a page that I imported into a blog page with Pluskit.

I am now working with 6.3.2. again.


Given that changes in RW 6.3.3 I’d be surprised if it were fixed by downgrading. Could we get a copy of your project file to test this? PlusKit complicates things, but we can certainly check it out.

This is absolutely not a network issue. Publishing is extremely slow and, actually I have never seen a successful published site since I upgrade to 6.3.3 .

I have a small test project.
With PlusKit in the project, RW always publish 19 files, without any changes, always 19 files.

When I make a change in a page, RW publish only 2, 3 files.
After, without changes in any page, RW publish again 19 files! Strange!

When I delete the PlusKit page, RW publish 1 file, when I make a change in a page.
Without any changes, RW publish nothing, after exporting.
I think, RW works perfekt, but the PlusKit plugin brings a problem!

I downgraded to 6.3.2 and my project successfully published. I’ll stick with that version!

With me is the situation the same, also with RW 6.3.2.
19 files published with PlusKit in the project :wink:

Genuinely surprised to hear that. As noted, there are no code-changes that would affect the speed of publishing in 6.3.3.

We’ll take a look again, however.

The problem with PlusKit appears only in combination with Stacks.

I am also having problems after upgrading to RW 6.3.3 and Stacks 3. The first edit to a couple of pages caused my entire site to be republished (1158 files) which took hours. Today I made a small change to a single page, and again RW wants to publish 1158 files once again. I do have a PlusKit page in my site files.

The problem exist only, when the @import(()) code is in a Styled Text page.
When the code is in a Stacks page, no problem!
Nothing to do with Stacks, I think.

The problem is PlusKit
PlusKit @import(()) breaks the Image Stack.