RW 6.3.3 Upgrade

(Nik Fletcher) #12

Given that changes in RW 6.3.3 I’d be surprised if it were fixed by downgrading. Could we get a copy of your project file to test this? PlusKit complicates things, but we can certainly check it out.

(Charles Davis) #13

This is absolutely not a network issue. Publishing is extremely slow and, actually I have never seen a successful published site since I upgrade to 6.3.3 .

(Oscar Schmid) #14

I have a small test project.
With PlusKit in the project, RW always publish 19 files, without any changes, always 19 files.

When I make a change in a page, RW publish only 2, 3 files.
After, without changes in any page, RW publish again 19 files! Strange!

When I delete the PlusKit page, RW publish 1 file, when I make a change in a page.
Without any changes, RW publish nothing, after exporting.
I think, RW works perfekt, but the PlusKit plugin brings a problem!

(Charles Davis) #15

I downgraded to 6.3.2 and my project successfully published. I’ll stick with that version!

(Oscar Schmid) #16

With me is the situation the same, also with RW 6.3.2.
19 files published with PlusKit in the project :wink:

(Nik Fletcher) #17

Genuinely surprised to hear that. As noted, there are no code-changes that would affect the speed of publishing in 6.3.3.

We’ll take a look again, however.

(Oscar Schmid) #18

The problem with PlusKit appears only in combination with Stacks.

(Greg Budde) #19

I am also having problems after upgrading to RW 6.3.3 and Stacks 3. The first edit to a couple of pages caused my entire site to be republished (1158 files) which took hours. Today I made a small change to a single page, and again RW wants to publish 1158 files once again. I do have a PlusKit page in my site files.

(Oscar Schmid) #20

The problem exist only, when the @import(()) code is in a Styled Text page.
When the code is in a Stacks page, no problem!
Nothing to do with Stacks, I think.

The problem is PlusKit
PlusKit @import(()) breaks the Image Stack.

(Mani) #21

RW 6.3.3 exports always all my files even if I only change 1 small text in my project using Stacks 2.7.2, RW Contact form & Loghound Sitemap Plus 2.90.13. Switching back to RW 6.3.1 exports only the changed files and does not export my full project every time like RW 6.3.3

Please let me know what’s going on.



(Oscar Schmid) #22

Look here, the problem is known. There are several threads about this in the forum.

(RK Rossi) #23

My only problem with the upgrade is a resource file refuses to upload. It takes some other resource file, a previous one version of the one I’m using, and uses that one. So odd.

I went into the site using Cyberduck to remove the old resource files. Then I entered RW again and Republished the site. Same darned resource file which no longer exists on the site is loaded onto the website. Completely frustrating and mystifying.

(Nik Fletcher) #24

We’re investigating: thanks!

(thkl) #25

I confirm, the latest upgrades caused RW to slow down my workflow significantly. Loading and saving the project takes approx. five times longer than before. As one result, I deselected the Auto Save feature.

(Nik Fletcher) #26

The issues we’ve been made aware of are publishing related. If you’re seeing performance degradation please could we be sent a copy of your Project file to investigate? There’s tools within Xcode we can use to pinpoint what’s going on.

(thkl) #27

Here we go:

(Robert Crutcher) #28

There is definitely a problem with updating websites with RW 6.3.3. I’m experiencing the same problem that everyone is describing here. I make a very minor change to 1 page, and when I ‘publish’ the change, RW6 takes forever to make the change, going through what seems every single page in my site before it finishes. It takes five or ten minutes or even an hour sometimes. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with this until recently. It’s not a network problem! It happens regardless of which computer I’m editing from and whether I’m editing the site from home or work. Please fix this.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #29

I also had the symptom of all my files seem to get a changed flag after updating to 6.3.3, so all files have been uploaded again when publishing.
Second publishing attempt was fine.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #30

More worse: I have changed 1 page. I used context menu on that page -> publish page. 220 files are changed. But this page only contains 26 files.

(Nik Fletcher) #31

Hi Guys

Just a quick update: it appears that when publishing a page (or indeed project) for the first time, RapidWeaver isn’t respecting the Smart Publishing status. We’ve been able to reproduce it, and we’re working on a fix. I’ll post a beta so we can get your feedback, and launch it to the wider user base ASAP once we’re happy it’s fixed the issue.