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Hey All,

Updating my Mac Pro to 10.13.1 killed my Mac so I had to rebuild.d everything. Long story, but all is working again, except RW 7.

I expect it does not know where to find the RW prefs since I store them on a external drive in Dropbox and the names of the drive was changed.

So when I open RW now, I am festered with an open dialog box that will NOT cancel, nor will it open anything. I thought it was looking for me to point to the Prefs folder, but the clicking the open button just flashes the box and stays on the screen.

Indeed, the only way to quit is by force quitting RW.

I was going to delete RW and all its Library files, but I am not sure how to get another copy since I purchased it directly from Apple.

Any advice?


(Dave Farrants) #2

I had almost exactly the same problem a few weeks back - drove me nuts for about 3 hours! - in the end I used Easyfind (free) to find all RW plist files, deleted them (3) and RW came back as a new install - I don’t think I even needed to put the serial in.

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Thanks Dave,

I used App Cleaner which roots out everything on the drive with an application and selectively deletes. You’d think there would be some indication about what is goin g on when RW looses connection with the Prefs folder.

Oh well, some re-configuring of my set-up and I am back in business.


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