RW can't access files... which files?


I get this message from RW 8 beta B10 after updating to OS Mojave. If I don’t know which files are meant how can I chose the right folder/place? Must have to do something with the resources because my photos don’t show up in the resources menu of RW.
Any hints?


Do you store your photos on a separate file server / external hard disk ?

I received that msg also. Been using RW since 5.x and never saw that msg. My projects are where they’ve always been (my home folder), the RW add-on folder is in it’s default location, and nothing has changed. When I saw that msg I opted not to continue until I learned more. So I’m back a few versions…

Jannis - no external drive - all in folders on the harddrive Macbook Air…

Is this a bug that you have fixed with your final candidate or is it user error, as I am also getting that message. Never had it before the latest RW 8 beta version. I will see if I continue to get it with you latest beta. Thanks.

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