RW Crashes and will not restart

I need to report a big problem with RW. RW crashes and the Mac needs a forced restart and on restart the RW Error reporter appears and locks up. Then another hard reset is rewired to get out of it.

I cannot find anyway to report this problem as there is no contact mail address on the Realmac web site. I did once in the past, find an address within the Realmac blog but the links on the Realmac site are dead (and the forum links all go to the old forum).

Can anyone help me out with the best way to mail Realmac?

Details at the bottom!

That is a totally different website to the various pages that I found such as which didn’t have a contact email address.

Good to finally see that Realmac improve their web site.

You contact mail is not actually at the bottom. You still have to search for it and I found it in About.