.rw-file are only displayed as a folder

(Marcello Lang) #1

My RapidWeaver 7.5.5 projects are only displayed as a folder and are no longer completely editable :tired_face:
I deleted and reinstalled RapidWeaver but the problem remains! what can i do?
VideoLink: youtu.be/TTKh_QuakkI

(Rob D) #2

Hi, Marcello,

See if this thread (https://forums.realmacsoftware.com/t/rw-project-files-saving-as-folders-elcapitan/5264/9) is of any help for you.

(Marcello Lang) #3

SO GREAT :bangbang: the program recommendation @Macmenno really helped!! Many Thanks :tulip:

(Rob D) #4

I’m glad it helped. But I just provided the link after searching this forum. The real hero is Macmenno… :grimacing:

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