RW gobbling up my GIGS!?

RapidWeaver Version: 5.4.1
System Version: *10.11.3
Hardware: 13-Inch MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Processor, 16GB Memory.

Size of project: 2.3 Gb

I can sometimes save my RW project and sometimes not and I have addressed this issue under “Can’t save RW 5.4.1”.

In my trouble shooting I have discovered a NEW ISSUE. Using CleanMyMac so I can watch the status of my system, I noticed that even after only minor changes to the project file, the resave was gobbling up GIGS of hard drive space! For example, I made a few slight changes, then saved the project. I repeated this 4 times and watched my hard drive space go from 30.85 gigs to 24.15, all without adding anything to the project !

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Expected Result:
Edit. Save. Upload.


Aside from your not being able to save, you may want to take some of the ‘results’ which apps like CleanMyMac and similar give with a pinch of salt. Something else must have been taking up drive space.

Good luck!

CleanMyMac’s far more likely to be your problem than RW.

Check your system memory using OSX tools and see if you really have a problem.

When RapidWeaver saves a project file, we write the file to a temporary location, and then move it into place (i.e. the location where you chose to save). These temporary files are regularly cleaned up by RapidWeaver and OS X. So it’s actually likely that with a 2.3GB(?!) project file you’d see this more noticeably.

Temporary files may also be generated by third-party plugins (and they’re responsible for the cleanup of those files).