.RW site opens but then I get Spinning Wheel - Help!

I have a number of sites that I work on side by side. Most of them work fine in Rapidweaver 7 but I have been trying for 2 days to open one of them. It has already been changed to a .rw site but when I double click on it to open it it says migrating site, It then opens the site but as soon as I touch my mouse I get the spinning wheel and Raoidweaver stops responding. Any ideas?
I just upgarded to iOS Sierrra and also Rapidweaver 7.2.2 but as I say all the other sites are working just not this particular site

I use the same theme on all my sites - Strata


Hi, @mik777, I haven’t been in your particular situation, so my answer is hypothetical.

I would guess there is something in that problematic project that is not compatible with either RW7.x.x or Stacks or macOS Sierra. You have at least two choices – both of them involving quite a lot of work. You can either rebuild the project from scratch in RW7, or you can do as follows:

If you still have a backup of your project made in RW6.x.x, make a duplicate of it and open it in RW6. Then, start eliminating plugins one-by-one. After each eliminated plugin, save, make a duplicate, convert it for use in RW7 and try to open it in RW7. And so on, until you find the incompatible plugin. At this point, you could delete all irrelevant duplicates.

There is another action you may take – if you use the PlusKit plugin in your problematic project and if you don’t object to installing “beta” software: get the PlusKit v.4.0beta. Supposedly, it deals better with incompatible plugins than its previous versions.