RW5.3.2 not exporting style

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RapidWeaver Version: 5.3.2 (11606)
System Version: 10.10.5
Hardware: Mac Pro

Yes, I still use RW5 - I had problems importing my site to RW6 so have continued using what was working. All was fine until last week I updated a blog entry and now when RW exports to server, all “style” is lost (CSS? XML?), e.g. it looks like a site from 1996. I use a 3rd-party theme (Jazz), but that hasn’t changed, no update to RW5, no change in OS. All was working fine in early November, and then it just wasn’t. My IT guy and I are trying to figure it out but I cannot update using RW without breaking the actual site.

Expected Result:
Just trying to update a site that has been working completely fine.

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Do you have a URL we can take a look at? Have you tried the “Clear Publishing Cache” option, on the File menu, and then choosing to Publish again? This will upload all content to your site (including the stylesheets that may well be missing).


That is a great suggestion and I will try if necessary next time. My IT guy and I poked and prodded a bit, as well as updating to the most recent RW5, and some combination of what we tried seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you!