RW5 Sidebar code keeps breaking

OK Hopefully someone will be able to help. For the life of me I cannot figure out why my code keeps breaking when I add things to the side bar on my theme in RW5.

Please don’t tell me to upgrade. I have RW6 and I cannot customize themes and the like with it. It just does not work for me. This site was built with 5 and I’m just trying to add simple code. I"m going to use a screenshot of the sidebar code so you can see where it breaks. It’s the two codes 2nd & 3rd from the bottom. Is there something I can’t see ?

I manually uploaded the files to the /resources directory too.
Permissions are fine.
Cleared cache.
Side bar setting is HTML. I tried using styled text and it still fails.

Before I go and put it on all the pages I need to see where I’m breaking the code.

site url:

and here is the actual code:



The first thing to do is get rid of the curly quotes, thats more than likely the issue. You need to paste text/code in as plain text. adn/or select it and click on format from menu and select clear formating.

See if that fixes it for you.

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The center HTML tag is now depreciated. See here:

I thought about the curly quotes first thing but cannot for the life of me find where to ditch that in the RW settings. Is there a setting on the iMac for that instead?

Found it! Stupid “smart quotes”. Never put the 2+2 together on that one.

Thanks for the fresh eyes. That’s all I needed to get my brain unstuck :slight_smile:

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