rw6 failure - manual & auto save function

RW6 seems to have many problems. I renamed my file and it saved properly. Since others are experiencing this issue, can we expect another update, soon?

Same problem here. Happening too often for comfort!


We’re looking into this - however until we’re able to reproduce it (and so far, we haven’t been able to), we cannot offer any insight about a potential fix.

Does this happen with a specific set of stacks or plugins in the project?

I’m pretty frustrated, as you must be, too. I had to re-download all my plugins and themes. I must have another 30 more that I purchased, but didn’t need them for my 1,900 file website. These are the ones in my library aside from those that come with RW6. I hope this helps! Mike

Hi Nik (@nikf)
I have had the same problem hit me before. Looking at stacks listed by @movius the only stacks I have that are the same are @joeworkman’s duckduck stack, and flextable, none in use on the project at the time. Don’t have most of what is listed.

I have had this happen a few times, I read a post from @Oscar about turning off autosave and have tried that and still got the same error.
This doesn’t happen very often, and so far I’ve been able to do a save as (opt key from file menu) and the project saves OK under a different name with all changes applied. does not seem to have happened with any one thing is going on.
I know this is not much help, I also know how frustrating an error that can’t be recreated can be. But if there is anything we users can get you to help (log files, project files, etc) let us know.

For me it happens about once a week. I only have one site and I update constantly.