RW6 & Time Machine

Thought to share in case this comes in handy for someone sometime:

Restoring a RW6+ installation from a TimeMachine backup after a laptop disaster appeared to be impossible since it is impossible to navigate to ~/Library folder in TM.

Here’s the workaround [optionA]:

  • FIRST: open current (not backup) ~/Library folder in a Finder window (option+Go–Library)
  • SECOND: enter TimeMachine
  • THIRD: Notice TM launches - with Finder view showing all backed up versions of ~/Library

In retrospect it was a horrible mistake to presume that since the folder didn’t show up in TM it hadn’t been being backed up - ergo it’d have been just as easy to [optionB] restore from backed-up versions of ~/Library via Terminal. Lesson learnt.

Hope this helps save anyone gobs of time when/if faced with a laptop meltdown and TimeMachine backups of RW.