RW8 / Player 2 anomaly?

@willwood - I use Player 2 to upload self-hosted audio, short church sermons to a site using Player 2, in RW7 I could preview in RW and using Cmd P and the audio would play, just converted the site to RW8 and there’s no audio but it works fine when uploaded - is this something to do with the new Resources folder? Can anyone test for me?

Link please!

I don’t need the site tested - it all works fine, it’s in the authoring of a page using RW8 / Player 2 and an audio file in Resources, and then previewing before uploading - worked fine in RW7 but not working in RW8.

Could be. Might be best to open the web inspector in RW preview mode and see what error(s) are being logged in the error console. If resources are not being loaded, then you will not be able to play the media in RW. The same would apply for any stack.

If you suspect resources are not being corrected called or loaded, then this would be an issue for Realmac to look into for you.

Are you using 8.1 beta? There, the resources aren’t available inside preview (already fixed for the next version).

@instacks No, tried 8.1 Beta and had problems - reported, acknowledged and are being fixed for next release. I’ll check out the suggestion from @willwood above.

@instacks @willwood FYI - now all working in Beta 8.1 Beta 2 - thanks.


Woops - Broken again in Version 8.1 (20293b)

the underlying structure of the RW v8.1 preview directory has changed. and it’s moved a bit between some builds. the latest seems to have moved the resources directory.

@willwood - i’m not sure if this affects your stacks. if you are hand-coding directory paths it may. the Stacks path templates should point to the correct place in most cases, even i the latest RW 8.1 beta.

for the really obscure stuff, there is a new beta version of stacks that attempts to compensate for these changes. it’s only posted to stack developer slack at the moment – but if there are no issues – i was planning to push it out to all users Monday or Tuesday.

@isaiah The HTML5 / MP4 file comes from whatever location the user provides. One of your own link custom control templates is used. The user, in this case @DaveFox has complete freedom to use either a resource or URL for the MP4 file source - the link is set using the standard RW link dialogue window. Ultimately Player stack works as an HTML5 video wrapper. I do nothing to hard-code or manipulate links in this or other stacks. What the stack gets (in the form of a relative path or URL) is what it uses. If the link provided by the user, or Stacks or RapidWeaver is wrong, the video won’t work.

The fact it was working, then broke again, seems to suggest either an isolated or more widespread issue with the linking of resources in these more volatile Beta releases. However I have received no request by email to investigate further. I haven’t observed anything like this myself while working with resources in Stacks and RW8. And nobody else has reported any problems to me either - which is somewhat surprising considering the rapid uptake of RW8 usage and Player being about the 4th most popular stack I sell.

@isaiah @willwood - appreciate the info guys, I understand I’m using a Beta and things may or may not work properly - that’s the nature of Betas. It’s slightly annoying that the last beta managed to have it working when the first beta didn’t and now it’s not working again. For me it’s not a huge problem, it was just good to know Player 2 actually works before uploading as it’s a Stack I use weekly on 2 different sites (uploading weekly sermons for 2 local churches). I can wait for the next beta of release version of 8.1

@DaveFox - trust, me i feel the same. i learned about these api changes last wednesday. i’ve worked 60 hours since to try to correct for and verify the stacks api is working with this stuff.


All back and working in Preview again with latest Beta 5 - Thanks guys!

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