RW8 shuts down on publish

This seems to have started after installing Joe Workman Target stacks. Not sure if it is related. When ever I publish my website RW shuts down.

Don’t know what the problem might be.

I just tested Target, and it publishes fine for me.

Might be one to report to RealMac Support.


Thank you

looks like a Stacks problem. What version of Stacks are you using?

Hi from germany. Updated to Big Sur last night, since then I have problems with publishing an existing page (just made a simple change) --> RW crushes. Starting over again --> crushes.
Next I started a simple new project, entered all publishing details, tested the entered details and the publishing worked superfine!
So I got back to my main and important project, entered a second destination (“Add new destination”), deleted the first one - saved - and of course it crushes immediately when trying to publish.
What can I do? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english…cheers, elch26 (BIG SUR & RW 8.7)

Target 2.0.6

@flmcl Francis,

I think @isaiah wants the version of the stacks plugin, not the version of target.

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Sorry 4.1.0

Please try installing Stacks 4.1.2. It fixed a number of crashes similar to the one your crashlog describes.

I would also recommend disabling plugins that you are not using currently.

Since there have been a lot of updates: RW 8.7, Stacks 4.1, Big Sur, etc. – it makes things easier to diagnose, when there are fewer moving parts. Removing unused plugins is a good place to start.

Open the RW Preferences
Choose the last tab: Addons
Disable things in the Plugins category that you’re not currently using.
Then restart RapidWeaver



Yes the version 4.1.2 of stacks fixed my problem. Thank you

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