Saving a theme file keeps reloading the preview

Hello to all, I’m just posting this here because the “feedback” button in Rapidweaver tries to send an email to an address that doesn’t exist (, and the twitter account of Realmac is not answering.

The problem is that when I save a theme file I’m editing on an external editor, the preview of Rapidweaver keeps recharging a while, like 10 or 20 times.


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Can you tell us what version of RapidWeaver and what version of macOS you are using?


// cc: @dan and @ben to see if they know about the email addresses and links.

RW 7.5.5, MacOS 10.13.4. The external editor is Atom. I’m going to try with Taco HTML later, that’s the one I used to use…

Sounds like you’re using a beta version of RapidWeaver. The “feedback button” I believe is only on beta versions.
Not sure why you would have RapidWeaver open in preview while you’re editing the theme template.
There was a problem with preview and High Sierra so make sure you running the latest version of RapidWeaver as it was fixed.

I have also seen this happen with the build process I use for themes.

I’ve ticketed this for our developers to look at.

1: Not beta. Latest build 18814.
2: Because I like to modify my themes and see how they look like in real time. I have a blank bootstrap theme and a css that I change as I see fit while developing the webpage. I don’t wan’t to use the RW global editor, as it involves clicking too much, and it doesn’t matter if my workflow is better or worse, the app clearly shouldn’t have this kind of behavior, it didn’t in previous versions.

Thank you Ben, I’ll await a response, please let us know as soon as you know something.

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