Say Hello to TweetClick 2

Custom Tweets
The TweetClick Stack allows you to embed a Twitter Tweet Button on your website. Clicking that button lets your site visitors tweet right from your website, you can decide which text and which link it should contain and from where it’s been sent by customizing the Stack in multiple ways. Your site visitors can also edit the tweet before they send it. Tweet Buttons are a must have if you want your website to be shared across the internet.

Lightweight and Customizable
TweetClick 2 is lightweight because it doesn’t use any images and it loads from Twitters servers, not yours. The Stack also comes with some nifty customisation options - you can change the actual text of the tweet, add a website link as well as define where the tweet is being sent from by using a twitter profile/name. With the second generation of this Stack you can also add hashtags to your tweets and choose between a small and a large button now.

**Retina and Responsive** The actual Tweet button is retina ready so it looks gorgeous on devices like the iPhone or iPad and Retina Macs. We’ve also changed the icon of the Stack which makes it look pretty neat in your library. The button itself is also responsive, so you’re good to go when implementing the Stack into your responsive project(s).

This Stack requires RapidWeaver 6 or later and Stacks 3 or later. Older versions of RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin are unsupported - please keep that in mind when purchasing the Stack.

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I am very curious about placement with this stack. In other words, to use the TweetClick 2 stack in the middle of a paragraph of text, the paragraph will need to be split in 2 with the TweetClick stack in between them, right?
If this is the case, is there a way to “inject” TweetClick into the middle of a paragraph that cannot be split up like a blog post? Is there a way to force placement into the middle of a body of text that cannot be split up otherwise?


Hey Brad,

thanks for your interest in TweetClick 2, however I’m not quite sure what you mean with “blog post that cannot be split up”. If you’re using the built-in blog sub page that comes with RW, then no, because you won’t be able to use any Stack in there.

If you’re talking about a 3rd party blog Stack, then it depends on the Stacks behaviours, I cannot tell if it will be compatible with TweetClick 2.

However, like you already said, you could split up a text into two pieces and put TweetClick 2 between both of them. Or you could create a 3 column view (ships with Stacks 3) and put the Stacks side by side (text Stack 1 left, TweetClick 2 in the middle and text Stack 2 on the right).

You can also send us further details like pictures/videos explaining your question by using our support form:


Thanks for this reply. This does clarify things for me.
Because I am using a CMS-based blog platform (Armadillo), I will not be able to insert this stack in the middle of a blog post. While you bring up some creative alternatives (3 column stacks, etc.), this is not a great alternative for me since it solves one problem, but creates another.
Too bad you and Jonathan (@nimblehost) couldn’t work together to find a way for Armadillo to add this kind of functionality within an Armadillo post. :wink: