Searching for a Layout/Grid Stack with a dynamic number of columns feature

Does anyone know a Grid-Stack or Layout-Stack to dynamically add additional columns if the width will allow it?

I plan to display many many small content fields in a Grid. Each should have the same size. Around 300x300 upto 400x400. If the content would be stretched bigger or smaller, the Layout inside these content-fields would break. So, it would be great to have a Grid-Stack to put limits on the content size, would stretch the content as needed inside those limits, maybe increase the gap between columns a little and adds another column every time a certain amount of pixels get available. Everything should be neatly structured in rows and columns. With this, even a 4k monitor would fill the entire screen.

Until now, I could not find any Stack capable to do that. Or I just could not get it working that way. If anyone has an idea or knows a stack to do that, I would be very happy to get a push into the right direction.

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Have you checked


That’s possible with Poster Stack. It also has a “light” version, at the end just a grid as you wish.

Or, the Grid from @yuzool


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