"selling" free items in RapidCart Pro

I would like to have a few free items in my store, for digital download.

When I set the price to 0, everything seems to be fine until the payment page of the checkout process. It says “No payment methods available.” And the “Next” button is inoperable.

As a compromise I priced them at a dollar, which is far from optimal, as it requires a PayPal interaction.

You can see it here:

Any ideas?

Terry Vosbein

I’m not sure how it’d work for checkout as I’ve never tried it, but you could see if adding a discount or coupon code would work. Or maybe just make a “Free Downloads” page that isn’t a Rapidcart store, just some download links?

Thanks. I tried making a discount code, but when the cart total is zero, it doesn’t proceed past the payment page.

Yes, I may have to make a separate download page for the items. I did that for a couple of other items on my page (free big band arrangements, if anyone is interested!).

But I was hoping to be able to do it through RapidCart Pro. It seems that it should bypass the payment page if the total cost is zero. But perhaps that is more complex than I imagine.

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