Selling gift certificates

My parents own a hair salon and spa and I’m curious what the best way to introduce selling gift certificates is. I’m thinking something very simple - a few different price tiers ($20, $50, and $100, for example). I would potentially offer a couple of gift basket options where they could purchase a gift basket of hair/skin products (again, this would be a set amount on a few items, not a full fledged storefront).

I’m just wondering how to set that up. Say I use Cart or Stripe from Yuzool, would they get a unique identifier as proof of purchase? Or just print out the receipt? Or Filesprout looks interesting too but, again, not sure how it would work logistically…

Has anyone done something similar?

I would like to know too. I have a banquet coming up and I would like to implement something similar as well.

Interesting @jabostick & @garyp

Stripe and Cart will both give you unique identifiers - in the form of the transaction ID from either Stripe or PayPal. You could use this to identify customers after printing the receipts and sales records.

Let me know how this goes and interesting to see this used this way in a project!

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Has anyone made this work yet? I assume I would set up a Cart 2 item of a gift certificate. Then PayPal codes the transaction and the gift certificate recipient gives me the transaction code and I match it to the PayPal purchase to see the value and that it’s legit. Is that how it works?

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The salon I mentioned earlier has few enough online gift certifcates that it’s easy enough to reconcile what order is coming from who (but yes, you get transaction ID’s and a common receipt). I ended up using Stripe for the payment processor.

I tried to format the Stripe confirmation so that it could be printed out but they wanted something a little more custom, so I just made them a Word template and when they get an order in, one of the staff will quickly fill out the template details and then it can be mailed or picked up.

The store page is getting a bit dated now but it’s here: fyi

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Can someone share some gift certificates sample here?

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