Set height in PopDrop Stack

(Bill Fleming) #1

I am trying to add a sign up form that we created on the mailing list called Emma ( It provided us several ways to insert our webpage which are link, pop-up, iFrame, or Signup-ID.

What I am trying to accomplish is to have a button on the page when the visitor click on it then it will pop up a small windows with the sign-up form embedded in it.

I dropped in ButtonPlus2 stack and PopDrop stack then I dropped html stack inside the PopDrop stack and c/p the iFrame code into the html stack.

it works but it shows the scroll bar because the lightbox height isn’t tall enough to display the whole form without the scroll bar.

I already set the max width but I don’t see a height setting or a way to increase the height

Is there a way to adjust the height so that the scroll bar will not appear?

Thank you

(Bill Fleming) #2

I replaced the html stack with flex video stack and entered a iFrame. It flex the forms in mobile except the reCaptha is not flexing and causing the hortiznal scroll bar to appear. The height is still an issue and too small causing the vertical scroll bar to appear.

Is the a trick to fix this?


(Doug Bennett) #3

Seems like your using two threads for the same problem?

(Jason Bostick) #4

I feel like there must be an easier solution (like the reveal stack, which I know you tried already).

One option - have your tried PopDrop in modal mode?

And, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything… when you tried using the various pieces of code from Emma before, did you have it in an html stack? And if so, did you highlight it all and select Ignore Formatting from the RW menu? Sometimes that is required.

Going off of this video as an example: I wonder if you tried, say, the Medium javascript option. Put that code in an html stack (with the ignore formatting bit), and then that inside your Reveal…

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Yes, indeed.

Two heads are better than one.

But two threads are worse than one!

(Bill Fleming) #6

@teefers My first thread was advices on method inserting an outside source form into a page and this one is asking help on the PopDrop height which I felt warrant to have it own thread. If I am wrong then please forgive me.

@jabostick I will try your suggestion next. Thank you


(Gary) #7

@TechBill Why not use the inbuilt Emma lightbox pop up forms. I am not familiar with Emma, but a quick search shows that they have a popup form and it looks like you can just link to via a button. At worst you may have to add some code provided by Emma to your page. Have a look at

(Bill Fleming) #8

@webdeer When I tried that, it open a new full page. Not a pop up for some reason. Let me experiment with it some more.

(Gary) #9

They appear to have what they call a Lightbox popup. Some of these services can be hard going unless you pay for the service and use their direct support. Worth persevering with I would think.

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