Shadowbox navigation controls are not displaying in CA Lino theme (and others)

I am using the CA Lino theme to generate a photo gallery using the built-in Shadowbox, but the navigation controls have stopped showing up at the bottom-right underneath the pictures.

The left and right keys on the keyboard still step through the pictures, and clicking where the symbols should be still works (the cursor turns from an arrow to a hand pointer), just the control symbols aren’t actually displaying.

This is with RapidWeaver 6.3 and Stacks 2.7.1 – but the same problem happens with other themes, e.g. CA Eon, as well as with RapidWeaver 5, Stacks 2.6.8, and also a test page not using Stacks.

I am using Safari 8.0.7 and OS X 10.10.4.

Can’t think what else has changed since Shadowbox was working. The last time the particular site was updated (complete with the navigation controls showing) was back in February 2013.

Do I need to update the theme, or update the Shadowbox component within the theme?



Perhaps, this is also a solution for you.

Thank you for the reply - but no, that wasn’t causing the problem.

So I thought I’d try and spot the difference between the files of working version and the non-working version, and the most obvious difference was that the non-working version had consolidated CSS files in rw_common / themes / lino.

When I unchecked the “Consolidate CSS files” option, the problem went away - i.e. the navigation controls displayed again. So it looks like that’s all okay now.

Thing is, there’s another theme I use (Flood) on a different project, and for that theme to work properly the “Consolidate CSS files” option has to be checked. Not a big problem, seeing as that option can be set for individual projects, but I was wondering if there’s a list anywhere of which themes need which Consolidate CSS option, and what the side-effects are with the wrong setting.

Too bad that it does not help. Consolidated CSS files have always been a problem in RW 5 with some Themes. That is why we wish that this setting can be selected for each project individually in RW 6.
There is no list of themes that need it and those which it can not do. CA Themes (Rapid Ideas) are known. The developer has deliberately avoided this option, because it would be problematic. Other Themes (Henk Vrieselaar) require this setting to work correctly. Mostly however, this is described in the manuals.

The setting is per-project in RW6, isn’t it?

That is why we wished … Of corse, now it is in RW 6 !
That’s my bad English :wink:

Oh, I understand! Thanks for your help!