Shameless Shoutout 4 Stellar Stacks

(Susan Braun) #1

Stellar Stacks may be relatively new to the RapidWeaver game but my experience with their stacks and their support has been all-pro.

Their stacks are surprisingly priced, much less than most, but the quality is premium.

I’m using their Pricing stack here:

and their Contact Form stack here:

Their support is truly exceptional, especially with a novice user such as myself.

Much appreciation to Lawrence & Stuart, the dynamic duo known as Stellar Stacks.

(Stuart) #2

Aww Shucks :blush:
Thank you Susan. That means a lot to us.


(Barrie McDermid) #3

Look like good stacks there. The only problem is that they’re so inexpensive (avoiding the word cheap because they do look good), if you decide to have a sale, you’ll have to pay the customer :wink:

Nice website too.

(Lawrence) #4

Thank you so much for the kind words, Susan, we really appreciate it.

Lawrence & Stuart.