Shout out to Doobox UK

I purchased Eternity2 from Doobox Uk for 8.99 Pounds via PayPal on July 22, 2016 with Invoice ID: 4v18f632kuh5subfjwt6m3hm8swcg40sg4ggko0

My Laptop was infected and consequently formatted, so I lost my copy of the stack.
On November 26, 2016 wrote to Doobox via the contact email and phone number they supplied on PayPal payment receipt,
I included my PayPal receipt but up till now, there’s no word from Doobox, not even an acknowledgment of my email.

Can anyone please let me know how best to handle this situation before it gets out of hand?

I would assume that if you include @Doobox in your message they will see it and resolve the issue for you.

(there ya go I just did it on your behalf)

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Thanks @swilliam and let me relive that will work where email and phone calls have failed.

The truth is the download link sent to me by e-junky, its e-commerce payment gateway was said to have expired when I tried to re-download and was then asked to contact @Doobox
Here’s the link:
This download link ( has expired. Please contact the merchant at

Don’t worry @Apomus I’m sure @doobox will get back to you as soon as he can. It was a weekend just now and he’s possibly in a different time zone to you so hang on! :slight_smile:

Let me take this opportunity to remind all of us to backup via Time Machine or SuperDuper or Dropbox so we don’t have to rely on order lookups - only as last resorts!

(PS - also best not to share download links in Forums just in case :wink: )


@Apomus Shoot us an email including the email address you used at PayPal please, from here :
and we’ll get that link resolved for you.