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Hello everyone.

I would like to make a website in two vertical parts ; like in this image :

I would like the left side to stay always still, and the right side to be the “navigation part”. I mean that the left part should never disappear (and never recharge) and the left part would act as a classic website, where you can click around, see different pages… (Am I clear ?..)

Do you have any idea how I could do that (without coding) ? Thanks !

@luzule Use Sidebar from BWD I use it here but can adjust widths of side and content. http://sjolin.co.uk

The problem with a solution like sidebar is that, when you change or refresh a page : that “sidebar part” disappears and comes back with the main part of the website.
I’d like to find a solution where the left side does not move…

Please check the “Limelight” stack from BWD, and the “Hotel” example, where the header stays always fixed. I reckon this can be applied to a fixed sidebar as well

Woaw !!! That’s seems to be huge, thanks. I’ll try to figure out all of what can be done with this Limelight, but I saw that it does exactly what I wanted to this time. Thanks a lot for the information and thanks again to BWD for all the stuff they create.

MichaelDavid Design has Streamline theme that could work.
Sidebar can be places left or right and sidebar scrolling can enabled or opt out.
Looks versatile but I haven’t used that one yet.

Take a look at sticky grummage


@TapioMichael ; seems right, but I never use themes ; I like to start from zero !

@rolisize ; yes you’re right, I sometimes use Stickygrummage but I didn’t think about it because, in my mind, it is mostly done for “sidebar that move”. But you’re right, it could be a solution.

The most interesting idea, right now, seems to be LightLime ; I have to spend a little time (always a little bit more that I should, because of my limited english…) and, if the topic is not closed when that website is done, I’ll think about giving you a link. So you’ll see if I worked nicely or not !!! :wink:

Thanks to all of you !

Was playing with Sticky Grummage and Sections Pro, BWD has the best stacks!


Can Sticky Grummage only be used with Foundation?

Thank you

No - it works anywhere that you can set equal height columns. I’ve used it a lot in Foundry (and now also in Source). A great little stack.

Good example of it in use on my stack updates page:


Great :slight_smile: Thank you!

I agree ; BWD is great !

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Thanks for all the love everyone.
@luzule If you need any help setting up Limelight just give me a shout in my support area

I’m not sure if you saw it but there is an alternative layout of the Hotel Demo where the page is split vertically:


@tav Yes Andrew, I saw the alternative layout for the Grand Hotel ; it is obviously what I was looking for, and more !
I’ll come back to you if I’m stuck :wink: Thanks !

Back to the future with frames.

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