Site page will not update when published

(Ruthanne Holbert) #21

Really appreciate your time and help!

(Ruthanne Holbert) #22

Yes I can see my pages in edit mode…but not permitted to see them in view mode. I sent the 2 previous screenshots as you requested. Thank You.

(Ruthanne Holbert) #23

Also I’m sending in addition to the 2 previous screen shots, this screen shot of ‘Master Style’ under settings which may be the problem…just checked this.

(Don H) #24

That all looks good. It’s odd that it’s trying to preview on port 21. Under advanced settings, did you enter 21 in the Web Server Port? Leave it blank or click Auto.

Port 21 is the standard port for FTP. It should not be used for the internal web server in RW.

(Ruthanne Holbert) #25

Oh my goodness! That was it. I saw that field was blank after I published, and thought I should have entered the port number. Wonderful!
Thank you for staying with this dialogue. Much much gratitude! Now I can move forward :slight_smile:

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