Sitemap in Silo Layout using Lister stack

(Lisa Sandler) #1

So I’ve used @willwood’s Lister stack in the past for my Sitemap set up:

Now that I am using a Silo layout, I am hiding all pages except main menu.
Can I still use Lister and get it to show all pages in the file?


(Doug Bennett) #2

How are you hiding them? If you check them to not show in navigation, then they won’t show in the lister sitemap.

  • %navigation% - “Outputs the site navigation”
  • %top_navigation% - “Outputs the top-level navigation”
  • %sub_navigation% - “Outputs the sub-level navigation for this page”

(Lisa Sandler) #3

Yes, was unchecking to not show in nav. I guess I don’t really need a sitemap anymore for clients? Just for Google?

(system) #4

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