SiteMap Plus causing Rapidweaver to crash

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has having problems with SiteMap Plus. When I try to add keywords the program crashes. I’ve had to replace it with Site Map & am entering Metadata via individual pages. Any suggestions to what may be causing the crash?
Thanks, Ron Willmot

Yep… I reported this to the vendor forever ago and was given the following response:

From: loghound (Support staff)

It might be a mavericks issue -- Honestly I don't have a way to test mavericks any more.
Here is a movie I made of copy & paste -- as far as I can tell it's what you are trying to do -- it's working great for me

And that was that. It was reported on the 26th of May and I eventually got that response on the 4th June. Nine days to be given that response.

Sitemap Plus is utterly unusable for me due to crashes. It is a shame because prior to this I used it all the time.
Now I have nothing very positive to say about Loghound because of this - but maybe I should remind myself that it was < $10 and you do get what you pay for. I feel your pain.

That’s interesting. I am on Mavericks and I am using SiteMap+ from Loghound for as long as I use RW, which is several years, but I have never noticed this behavior. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember even one instance when my copy of SiteMap+ would crash RapidWeaver…

That IS interesting. Have you ever tried pasting in keywords rather than entering them manually?

Thanks for the reply. Site Map plus was very stable prior to version 6 of Rapidweaver. I’ll give copying and pasting a try.

For me, it IS copying and pasting keywords that crashes it.

No, I think I always type my keywords (there’s not too many of them). I will have to try your method of pasting in…